Juliana LaChance is a full time artist specialising in multimedia acrylic painting. Working out of her cozy studio in her home, she creates a new collection of work every season. Her work is often described as whimsical, uplifting and joyful. Over the past ten years she has shown her art all over Hamilton, and southern Ontario. In addition to paintings, she is also an artisan specialising in Ukrainian Pysanky, dream catchers, and crystal jewelry. Juliana is a community muralist, folk and pop recording artist, amateur short film maker (5 short films) while constantly expanding her aromatherapy company “Wonderlust Botanicals”

Artist Statement


Painting and created beauty is the most important and fulfilling action I can contribute to the world, my community and to my happiness. I have been studying visual arts for five years in my home town of Hamilton Ontario where I paint in my cozy studio. My greatest passion is for telling stories through painting, multimedia and recycled materials. Taking abstract concepts and conceptualizing them and creating beauty out of nothing. I use a variety of mediums including acrylic, dyes, multimedia, collage, hardware and recycled found objects, in order to achieve my desired result. My body of work that includes over 300 paintings is grouped into collection each with its own theme touching upon self actualization, , pop iconography, nature, death, dreams, the solar system, good fortune, beauty, abstracts, landscapes and spirit animals

My name is Juliana LaChance, I am from Hamilton Ontario and play a very special folkloric instrument called the bandura. I use this traditional Ukrainian folk harp to play contemporary ballads inspired by punk, grunge, and garage rock, which were a lot of my early influences while growing up. The bandura was used for centuries by warriors, travelling bards, and muscians of the royal courts in Europe and because of this, I feel I embody the spirit of this instrument. I learned to play the bandura at a very young age, as it was something passed down to me by my mother, which made me feel it was very important to keep the tradition alive. I began busking when I was in high school and gained a new perspective on the importance of this instrument, as it had not been shared frequently outside of the Ukrainian community. Soon afterwards, I began touring across Canada and really getting to know the instrument in a way that allowed me to go beyond the traditional folk music. I saw the importance of this instrument and how it could really move and uplift people. After 5 years of traveling with my bandura, I was called to write and record original music from my travelling experiences. “Starflower Moonchild” was recorded in 2012 and “Queens of the Universe” the following year. GET HIGHER was recorded in 2014 and I embarked on a tour across Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatewan to promote the album. In 2015, I completed my first full length LP called “PASSION FLOWERS” that saw me combining the bandura and the autoharp. For each recorded song, I produced an accompanying music video that can be found on my YouTube channel. As well as playing these folk instruments, I recently began experimenting with dance music, pop music, as well as music scores for my short films that I am passionate about making that can also be seen on YouTube. In addition to being a recording artist and performer, I am also a full time artist and have over 365 paintings in my body of work.