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Juliana Lachance

Juliana Lachance’s work aims to capture the beauty and magic of the world through colours and shapes. Each painting is a world within the canvas containing the unique vibrant energy and richness of the subject manner. Juliana uses imagination, to capture the undiluted essence of nature, untouched human bias, and conditioning. From afar, Juliana’s paintings appear abstract with her desire to create a feeling of happiness and splendour in the viewer.

Lachance finds her inspiration from visions gathered during meditation and the natural world. With the desire of capturing feelings of joy, wonder, and peace she paints emotively.

Juliana Lachance has painted over 20 public murals in Ontario and released 7 folk albums. Her paintings have been shown throughout Canada.

Her Inspiration

A certified herbalist, aromatherapist, reflexologist, and reiki practitioner, Juliana envisioned, designed, and sourced all of the materials used in the shop. As a painter and visual artist, I love creating beauty through wonderlust. Combining my experience in the healing arts with my creative passion to create unique botanical blends to make your day more interesting. Invoking a sense of wonder through the power of scent.