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Juliana is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, who creates music that is psychedelic, ethereal and melodic. Her instruments consist of the Ukrainian harp known as the bandura, as well as the auto harp and harmonica. To learn her instrument and hone her sound, Juliana spent over eight years studying the bandura and learning the traditional songs and repertoire of the Kobzars; the original players of the bandura, who were often blind, being intrusted with the task of passing down spiritual ballads. For those of Ukrainian descent, the bandura is a very important story-telling instrument. However, many Ukrainians have never seen one played in real life, especially if they were not raised in a Ukrainian community.

During her early 20s, she spent 5 years touring British Columbia as a busker carrying on the unique tradition of this instrument and showing hundreds of people the songs of the Ukraine. Since then, Juliana has written and recorded 58 folk songs that span across 7 folk albums, as well as two pop albums. She has written, directed and edited 40 of her own music videos, all of which can be found on her YouTube channel, which includes short films and vlogs that document her life as a visual artist. Juliana has been featured in music blogs throughout North America and is widely considered a pioneer of the Ukrainian folk harp the bandura. Despite also being a visual artist, with a body of work that spans over 300 paintings, 20 murals throughout the city of Hamilton and 6 short films, music continues to be her most important medium as an artist.



2012 - Starflower Moonchild, (folk)
2013- Queens of the Universe, (folk)
2014- Get High, (folk)
2015- Passion Flowers, (folk)
2015- Heyaho (folk)
2016 – Crackle Pop. (pop)
2016- Thunder Dragon. (folk)
2017 – Outsider Forever (pop)
2018- The Next Greatest Generation (pop)
2019 – Golden Spring Fever (folk)